Saturday, 18 February 2012


Eraserhead is a disturbing movie. The movie was made in 1977 but it is a Black & White. The protagonist has a weird hairstyle which looks like crown of hair resulting from an electrocution. The movie starts with a dream sequence and there is no sharp boundary between reality and dreams in the plot. There are many dream sequences which is a common theme in Lynch movies. Unlike recent movies of Lynch, background music is rather disturbing and even intolerable at times.

In my opinion, there has been no Lynch movie, perhaps with an exception of Inland Empire (His most independent experiment), which has been so overwhelming and eerie. The movie has almost no dialogue in it, but it uses imagery in a most disturbing way to affect your psyche. It seems that Lynch is familiar with all of the dark corners of psyche and overwhelms you by his brilliant, haunting and unique images. The movie would give you nightmares, especially if you're very susceptible to suggestions. Movie treats the subject of rearing up an infant at a time when parents are least ready for it. The emotions, objects and experiences in the movie have been exaggerated out of proportion and made into a horrific cinematic experience. The crying of baby is so disturbing that you want to avoid it. Its appearance is very horrid and the reactions because of the environment cause some most abhorrent blisters on its skin which make it very difficult for you to keep your eyes on scene. The frustrated, enervated and devastated father; deprived of sleep and even more deprived of mental peace, kills the infant in the climax. Many images are not clearly understood as Lynch leaves a lot of space for interpretation. In a scene where protagonist visits his girlfriend, the house looks haunted and characters look very absurd and hilarious at the same time, but that is all of the humour if there is any in this movie.