Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I paused for a moment, in search of most suitable word to describe the phenomenon we were discussing about (None of us had a word for it!).

"Now he is doing his usual 'CTRL F' inside  head," my colleague said.

With cups of tea/coffee in our hands, we were standing in a circle sharing our views on Bob, his uncle, and of course on Johnny on the spot.

I was taken aback by his statement.

" Oh we did discuss about Facebook thumbs-up called 'Like' and laughed about Microsoft communicator's 'Sick Smiley' being used in a manner it was least intended to, but we had never discussed anything about this great commandment, thanks for inspiring me and I might try and scribble a few lines on this as well," I said without taking a breath.

My colleague seemed pleasantly surprised. But if you just look a bit carefully, this is yet another hint that technology is overtaking our communication. Those who are pretty familiar with computers use this kind of lingo. [ Yet another Recency Illusion!]

“Gosh, if I say do a CTRL F to find out a word for this idea, to my parents in a casual conversation, just because I have become habitual of it; since they rarely use computers, they're very likely to be dumbfounded by my awkward articulation." I said to my colleagues.

"That is right. There was a photograph in circulation on many social networking websites and in e-mail chains, where a couple twin infants were wearing T-shirts with CTRL+C and CTRL+V respectively printed on them!" Another colleague said which made everyone nod and smile together.

"It seems that their parents are computer programmers," the first colleague said.