Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Sensitivity In Yogic Practices

Yogic practices not only require a certain discipline and training but also a subtle sensitivity towards everything. This sensitivity might be innate (owing to the samskaras* from previous birth) or might be cultivated with diligent practices. It’s however important to note that yogic practices do enhance your sensitivity gradually and it’s not mandatory to have a certain degree of sensitivity before you begin to practice, except in certain rare cases where your Guru needs you to realize something within a very short period of time. How do you define sensitivity? It’s responsiveness or awareness of changes in your surroundings or inside body. Even more technically speaking, it’s the change in your output as soon as the input is changed, which is to say that your senses are very yielding to the input. But in spiritual sense sensitivity is more about being able to understand subtle thoughts and feelings and being intuitive.

The greater the ripening of your sensitivity, better the chances of your making a great progress in Yogic practices. Buddha the Gautama was the heir to a kingdom, had a beautiful wife and a comely baby and no diseases; but he got detached from the world and went to the jungle in search of truth and started meditation. It was his greater sensitivity compared to everyone else which made him get detachment just because of some really ordinary triggers.  If you have ever questioned yourself: “Why do yogis need seclusion?”-you might have realized that it’s not just to concentrate. It’s also to shield the organism which has become hyper-sensitive because of the practice of Yoga. It’s not exclusively yogis who have this sensitivity in excess in their system, virtually every artist gets (or, is born with) this thinning of boundaries between subconscious and conscious. Artists too, therefore need a certain isolation to avoid breaking down from exposure to environment, in order to remain creative and productivity.

What is even more dramatic—such sensitivity grows more and more as artists or yogis practice more and more. They are not, therefore, left with a choice to expose themselves to society as normal people do. In case of yogic practices ( especially), exposure to social pressures, after a certain degree of growth in sensitivity, might cause  a shattering of organism which would hinder any further spiritual progress and would definitely make the practitioner unable to function normally in society. Some breathing practices make your energy centers called ‘Chakras’ activated and thereafter you start listening subtle sounds inside your body and then you find that your organism has become hypersensitive. You would definitely be on verge of enlightenment, but, don’t expect a great functioning in the material world for a while, because, if you do so, you might end up doing irreparable damage to your mind and body. You would find yourself in a womb like protective warmth and you need to use that for further progress for a while.    

From the viewpoint of Astrology, certain major and sub periods are most suitable for Yogic practices, for example, the periods of Kethu. In the major and sub periods of Kethu, even without any Yogic practices you are very likely to feel vulnerable and sensitive. It’s great to initiate Yogic practices in such periods or to intensify them if you’re already a practitioner because yield gets amplified many times over, because of the heightened sensitivity.

* Samskaras: Are subtle impressions on your psyche from previous karmic accumulations which act in the capacity of triggers for almost all your intentions by reacting with the external stimuli from your environment.