Sunday, 29 January 2012

Personality-Face Shifts in Dreams!

I had a dream. It was a strange dream in many senses but instead of outlining its strangeness, I would like to delve into something which seems to be a common feature of many dreams. I do not know if you have also observed this peculiarity in your dreams. May be it's not a common occurrence in dreams and I am the only subject of such dreams; but maybe not. In my dreams I find faces-personalities changing randomly without any particular reason whatsoever. It's true that to ask for causation in dreams is like asking for too much, but as we account for complexes in dreams and for various subtle suggestions in form of imagery offering intuitive solutions to some critical real life problems; can't we try to hunt for a while (indeed in dark) in order to come up with a probable cause for this unique dream pattern?

It happens like this: Suppose you see a relative of yours dead in the dream. You find that nobody cares for the funeral. You observe the grave stern grimace of the corpse and start mulling over the past experiences you have had with the person and you feel pain for him and you realize that all of a sudden there is a movement in the body of the person! Now you are convinced that other relatives did not care enough for your relative who just died. You take him with you to somewhere and as you walk down the road you start feeling that the R (relative) is recuperating very quickly (Yes, 'R' for recuperation/relative). You feel that it must be the proper air and gentle treatment which is doing him this good.

Now as you were roaming like a tramp with R, other relatives come to you and ask you to let R go back to the place from where he came. In a way they want to claim R like their personal property. Too bad indeed. You let R go, but you realize that R starts feeling bad as soon as he reaches back to the place from where you brought him into the fresh air. You bring R back again and you resist all other relatives. Now R is very happy and R is playful and you two develop a great respect for each other but R is no more R now!

What has happened? R is converted into S and there is not even an iota of suspicion about R in your mind. I mean that the relation you have with R is still the same but the personality of R is no more like R but rather like S, who is a celebrity (or a milkman next door or an anonymous person!). When do you realize this shift in personality? You realize it only after this dream is finished, only, if you retain a vivid memory of dream somehow. You understand that during the dream there was no question of change in the personality, but only in the retrospect you feel that for no apparent reason there was an unusual change in the personality of R.

This is an example of the scenario I want to discuss and this happens with me in my dreams all the time and I do not know why. Your insights in this regard are most welcome.