Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year's Resolutions

I have observed people making New Year Resolutions. Very few of them hold fast unto them till the end of the year or take them to the next level. What is the reason? Why do people make New Year Resolutions and why do they fail to commit?

People make New Year Resolutions like any other resolutions mostly to start doing something they feel is strongly positive and would make a change in their lives for better. Resolution means determination to do something; therefore, any resolution takes will power. It’s easier to make resolutions but it takes a certain degree of will power to work for the resolutions. It’s not necessary that someone should make resolutions only at the New Year’s Eve; it’s just because it seems to most of us a fresh beginning and an opportunity to start things all over again that we tend to make resolutions at New Year’s Eve.

Resolutions like any other goals should be carefully made. They should be realistic, challenging and motivating. The first law of behavioural psychology says “You get more of what you reinforce”. Every time you make a resolution and fail to work for it or give up, you’re reinforcing the behaviour of not keeping your resolutions and you are also decreasing your will power. The golden key to make resolutions as well as to keep them is to take something up which is achievable and useful and then internalize reasons which are in support of the resolution. What I mean to say could be understood practically by this example: If you want to make a resolution of exercising regularly, you should aim for quality exercise which fulfils the requirements of your body’s metabolism and keeps you robust. You should meticulously write down the steps in which you are going to achieve it and you should also write down the reasons in support of the exercise regimen.  If you aim for too much you would fail miserably and would discourage behaviour of not making any new resolutions for exercise regimens. On the other hand, if your goal is very small you might not get the degree of improvement which is indispensable to sustain your health well. What you have to do is to write down about the goal accurately and to come up with an action plan and then provide further reinforcement by scribbling about the reasons in support of such regimens. In this way, if you make smaller and achievable resolutions in the beginning, you prepare yourself for greater resolutions and you never feel discouraged.     

Resolutions which see day’s light for long are ones which come right out of your heart and are realistic as well. Such resolutions not only make your life better but also strengthen your will power and prepare you for bigger, better and stronger resolutions.

Have a nice year ahead!