Monday, 23 January 2012

Like Button And Sick Smiley!

Most of us have observed this behaviour trait in our friends and colleagues. Yes, yes we have also found ourselves doing this (At least I have to admit that I have done this myself too often now to overlook!). We have all done this because this seems to be in vogue. What is so queer about it if you happen to look at it from a distance? Yes, it’s overlapping of communication modes.

I have found myself saying “I like your comment, “ with a thumb up in the air and that was not actually a coincidence, but rather an acknowledgement of the fact that the ‘Like’ button in Facebook has immense power and I miss it in conversations. It looks weird. Doesn’t it? Facebook is a social networking website and not a real time communication site; why then, should someone use a pattern which is exclusive to it, in a real time conversation? Is it, just to suggest that we are spending more time on social networking sites than in real world interacting with people made of flesh and bones? May be and maybe not. It might also mean that Facebook is wielding more power than real time interactions and hence trends are permeating through a thin layer into the real world from the virtual one.

Another similar observation: One of my friends suggested that he wanted to use ‘Sick Smiley’ for one of my comments. This smiley is used by us if we use Microsoft Office Communicator Suite for chatting. The chatting has overtaken conversations in real time in this case (at least in some aspects), so instead of saying that “your comments make me sick!” my friend simply says that he wants to insinuate towards that ‘Sick Smiley’, which we use in chatting. Now this is dramatic. As he insinuates he is actually making a strong point that he dislikes my comment and along with that he is also saying that the ‘Sick Smiley’ in itself is so powerful to suggest that words are not needed if you use it. Just a sick guy with a thermometer in his mouth says “Enough of your bullshit and I do not want to belabour this point anymore!” How powerful indeed!

I do not know if you really consider my observations to be significant observations. I do not know if I have asked a question worth answering, but if you see a question here; do help me with an answer. Thank you very much!