Monday, 9 January 2012


Karma is not what most of the people think it's. It's not exactly what we do. It's not fate. It's recording of all the intention vectors you ever had, on the tape of ego. This recording is played and you get the echo from the world and think that it's fate. The intentions which drive you to carry out anything can be of many types. Just for the sake of understanding lets divide them into two types: Positive and Negative. Positive intentions are those which make you do things for improving the situation of others and Negative intentions are just opposite of them. Positive intentions are recorded on tape of ego in a positive manner, suggesting that 'doer' of positive type has been reinforced on the surface of ego and similarly for Negative intentions.

The witness, which is a part of consciousness is the recorder and records all of the intentions on the surface of ego. The neutral ego or Buddha ego is flat ego, which has no crests or toughs. Any positive or negative type of recording on the surface of ego is to be flattened and it's done by triggering some thoughts which make you do some things with the illusion of that very kind of 'doer-ship' which in the first place created it. When you do it, you find results which are contrary to your expectations and it flattens your ego and similarly for negative scenario.

The good deeds are golden chains and bad deeds are iron chains, but both of them are chains. More subtly,  good intentions create positive karma and bad intentions create negative karma, but both types of Karma bind you. The cessation of Karma occurs when you realize this and give doer-ship up by abiding in witness consciousness and observe incessant arising and subsiding of these subtle intention vectors which drive you into these Karmic chains. 

A Buddha is one who ever abides in the witness sense and all of the intention vectors which arise in his mind are immediately cancelled by very next intention vectors, never leaving any trace of intentions on the recorder surface of ego, therefore, a Buddha might seem like doing somethings but there is no doer.

Good deeds are supposed to make you create situations for yourself which foster more good deeds, better Karma and cycles upon cycles of these create situations for you where you get ripening of psyche and enough sensitivity to get Vairagya and thereby disinterest in creating any Karma. In spite of this disinterest you create Karma in an attempt to stop creating Karma, until, by virtue of perfect witnessing you stop the run of arising and subsiding intention vectors into the consciousness from doer sense.