Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Highway Mentality

Highway Mentality is much different from traffic mentality, it does not mean however that there could not be much traffic on highways as well, but usually, there would be sparse traffic when compared to the traffic in the city. If you choose the right time to travel you would enjoy what I call highway mentality. If you find some city traffic in between, that will not make any difference in your mentality. You would continue to drive fast and with adventure and with enthusiasm and city traffic would soon be past you. But it’s not so when you are not going anywhere and you’re in city traffic because you have to go somewhere in city. This might cause stress, anguish, breaks and lack of flow, but highway is mostly about flow. I think you do not care much about details on highway or if you do, you know your goal and hence you get rid of details. Your efforts are libidinous initially and later sublime. In city traffic, you are too enervated because of details and you rarely get flow. There is very lack of variety in details and that is what accompanies with exhaustion to make you get nightmarish boredom. The feeling of sojourner who is transcending the world is possible only with the highway mentality and you would find that this mentality would stay with you in city traffic if you have been to highways recently and then you would observe something peculiar that the details of city traffic might not bother you with highway mentality even if you have no destination to reach. You would realize that there is no need to actually drive on highway to have highway mentality. It seems an obscure idea and it’s obscure to an extent, but I am sure that if you realize it at once all of the absurdity turns into crystal clarity and you look at the world in a new light!