Friday, 20 January 2012

Hearts in Atlantis

Hearts in Atlantis is a movie which has many appreciable sides to it. On one hand it’s a great mystery movie and on the other it’s a great tale of one innocent child who happens to meet a psychic. Two scenes stand out ‘perfectly’ in my memory and they seem to be some of the best scenes I have ever witnessed on screen: In first one three kids are playing and walking on a railway track which has a shape like a snake and at the end of this railway track there seems to be a horizon with a Neptunian yellow glow of setting sun. This scene is very sensitive and beautiful scene.  The scene at the climax where kid drives his bike and disappears is also a very affecting one.

This is a mystery movie because many a things are not known. Who the psychic was and why he was being searched by some mysterious bogey-man type agents, where did the father of the kid go and some other things remain unclear. The movie however has a very touching tale of the relation between the kid and the psychic. The kid has a difficult childhood because his mother is not only poor but also mean. The character of the kid has been played very efficiently by Yelchin. As for the psychic, one of the greatest and most charismatic actors of all time, Anthony Hopkins was playing it and he does not let you blink with his majestic style. This is a sentimental movie imbued with colours of mystery.    

And yes, Stephen King did this one with a bit less of horror and paranormal and he did it brilliantly!