Friday, 6 January 2012

An Easy Way of Birth Year Rectification

You might have read about the term ‘Birth Time Rectification’, in Vedic Astrology. It’s a technique which comes into play prior to what you call core Astrology, nevertheless, it’s equally important to master this technique. Unless we know the exact time of birth of a native, a proper delineation of events with accuracy is almost impossible. The birth time rectification technique is based on feedback loop. Astrologer asks certain questions to the native and based on his responses he ascertains the most probable time of birth of the native and thereafter further process of Astrological counselling begins. Astrologer uses ‘trial and error’ method for deciding the time of birth which seems to be the most appropriate for the native: He prepares chart for various times and then based on the responses by native, for some key questions like: “When did you graduate?”, “When did you get your first job?”, “When did you get married?”, decides about the time which was most likely the actual birth time of the native. Birth Time Rectification is applied mostly when the date and year of birth are known along with the place of the birth but the time of birth is not available.

I have come up with a method to ascertain the birth year, because, some of the natives who came to me, for Astrological counselling and gem recommendation, were not sure about their year of birth. They found the necessity or means of consulting an Astrologer very late in life and their school records show the year of birth which is different from what is given in their horoscope (based on their parent’s guesswork). In such cases, if the other factors, like time of birth, place of birth and date of birth are known, the Birth Year Rectification can play a great role in ascertaining many things. Even if the time of birth is not known, the year of birth, if known accurately, along with the date and place of birth might aid much in knowing events by transit methodology. The transits of Moon if known properly can enlighten so many of us and avoid so much of confusion.

What is the easy technique to determine year of birth and when could it be most applicable? It could be most useful when there is a conflict between two or three consecutive years of birth. In case of a conflict between two years of birth this method could very easily be applied. In order to decide about the year of birth you have to just fix the Moon sign of native. If a native is born in one year on a particular date and place, his Moon sign would be very different from that of a person born in the next or previous year on the same date (and place and time as well).  You might say, it’s quite easy and you have to just ascertain the Rashi of the native and to ask him some questions about his behaviour traits and feelings. No, it’s not what I advocate and it’s not a sure shot way. The way I suggest is a bit time consuming but gives great results for sure.

Taking an example would help: A person ‘B’ was born on January 2, 1977 or January 2, 1978 in Bangalore, at about 4:00 AM in morning, but he does not know whether it was 1977 or 1978. What should be the approach to ascertain his year of birth to further analyse his horoscope? Well, you are right, easiest to find is Moon sign, which turns out to be Taurus and Virgo respectively for years 1977 and 1978.  Now, confusion, you realize that there are only a few distinct traits which are not common between the general personality traits of Taurus and Virgo. In case ‘B’ is not willing to disclose his personality traits, it would be rather difficult to make out the Moon sign. Now, I decide Moon sign by conducting a very easy and educating experiment. I ask ‘B’ to keep track of his feelings just for a fortnight or I ask him, two questions: “Could you please tell me the 2 days when you felt worst or when you were feeling very depressed in last 27 days or so?” And: “Could you recollect the finest moments of last 27 days?”

How these two questions if answered honestly and earnestly by the native help me come up with actual Moon sign (and hence with actual year of birth) of the native? It’s because of the Moon’s transit and because of my experience with Moon’s transits especially from the 8th house and the 1st house. Only with the exception of Vedha ( a concept which has been dealt with elsewhere and could be learned easily), you can easily determine that the worst feelings and levels of health, argumentation arise in a nativity if Moon transits house which is 8th to its natal position. Similarly the best experiences coincide with the Moon’s transit through its natal position.  You can also extrapolate these observations to   12th , 3rd  , 4th  and 10th house transits of Moon.

Further clarity can be attained in this regard by determining Nakshtra of birth and then comparing ( in cases where time of birth is also known). This would give even better and quicker results than the Rashi comparison.