Friday, 6 January 2012


This question is inspired partially by Conspiracy Theorists suggesting that media controlled by manipulators of masses has made celebrities and it's a contrivance to divert attention from vital issues.

Even if you do not believe in Conspiracy Theories: Don't you feel sometimes that media has lionized some people functioning in some fields and then almost everyone is hell bent on capturing every move of such personalities; be it their marriages or sneezing or hairstyle or delivering a baby.

What do you think is the reason behind following celebrities passionately which goes beyond the mass subliminal programming?

I do think that there is a reason behind a keen interest in celebrity worship, which is the modern way of old-good-hero-worship, which has been present in various cultures in history in one form or another and of which mythologies are corroborations.
I also had this notion in the back of my head regarding the root cause of 'Celebrities' culture. Even kids follow some heroes since very beginning. Is it because culture endows in them hero-worship or is it because of some internal coding? I think, it's very difficult to delineate. I do think though, that if we remove mass-programming by media, we would still be left with some kind of respect about heroes.

'Celebrity' is not exactly synonymous with 'hero' but I feel that mythologies have created so many heroes since time immemorial, be it Greek, Indian or any other ancient civilization that you cannot emphasize that celebrity is a new concept. Mythology and hero-worship are inherent in human nature in my opinion.

 it's so because most of us are addicted to sugar and honey. We need pleasure. I might be reading too much here, but drug addiction is also the side of the coin which has another side of it as celebrity-following. That might also be related to why we see so few people interested in Philosophy. Why break head when you forget things easily; what is the use?

Since very beginning of my life, I have been engrossed by 'hidden-celebrities' or by sub-celebrities, which does not mean that celebrities have not affected me at all, still, in most of the cases, celebrities with substance( in my opinion) touched me more than the most celebrated celebrities. My colleagues used to remark on weird choices of favourites but those were not 'universally weird' choices ( as I discovered later-on).