Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Illuminati Symbol!

Illuminati symbol is an incomplete pyramid. It’s a trapezoid with a small eye inside a small triangle at the top. This top of the pyramid is surrounded with a halo. From where does this symbol come? There is no clear consensus. Some experts suggest that it’s Lucifer and others say that it’s Harus—the God Sun from ancient Egypt. They assert that since pyramids were in Egypt, this symbol must be from Egypt.

You can find this symbol in the left hand portion of one dollar US bill. This image has ‘Novus Ordo Seculorum’ (New World Order) and ‘Annuit Coeptis’ (Undertakings Accepted) surround the pyramid. This symbolically means: “The New World Order is accepted”.

This symbol appears on the back side of what is called ‘The Great Seal of America’. The seal was finalized in 1782 but the symbol has existed since much before that. At the base of the pyramid (or trapezoid) you find 1776 engraved in roman numerals and the pyramid has 13 layers, representing 13 original states of United States.

The first US president George Washington was a Freemason. Freemasonry is a secret society and the most secret society(cabal) inside this secret society is called Illuminati. Illuminati stands for ‘Illuminated Ones’ or ‘Enlightened Ones’. An infinitesimal sliver of Freemasons are actually aware of existence of a cohort inside their group.  Illuminati was formed on May 1, 1776 and had a clearly defined mission of world domination by wicked and devious means. They were freethinkers of freethinkers. They were quintessential Freemasons who got fed-up of organized religion and state of affairs of their time and decided to form a secret society with a mission to overthrow the governments and organized religion.

The all seeing eye at the top of the pyramid represents the top echelon of Illuminati who are the real controllers of world affairs and who want a new world order in which there will be only one world government controlled by them.