Saturday, 10 December 2011

Diwali, 2011.

I just had a nice ginger tea. It was hard but lukewarm. I have not taken bath. I have been hearing maddening sounds of crackers since morning. Weather has been cold since last few days. I can see a lot of greenery from my window. Shrubs on both of the sides of railway track are too thick now. It’s great twilight zone and trees are dancing mildly. A goat and a cow are grazing in the green field and I suppose that they do not know that it is Diwali today. Violet cloudlets are playing around the pink glitter on horizon. Smell of sweets and other delicacies is coming from kitchens and windows of neighbours. A bird is chirping and just a while ago another was enjoying the free-floating stunts in air. It’s gradually becoming even more crepuscular, even more gloaming. I cannot express in words what I have felt today. I am feeling as if I am reborn today. The world around me seems to be a new place to me.