Sunday, 23 October 2011

Transit of Saturn Through Libra! [ November 15, 2011]

Saturn is slowest moving planet among all planets in Vedic Astrology. It takes about two and half years in its transit through any sign, therefore it returns back to a sign only after about thirty years! Saturn’s role in natal horoscope is critical beyond doubt, but, because of its prolonged stay in any sign it affects transits in Vedic Astrology more than any other planet. Transit is called ‘Gochara’ in Vedic Astrology. The forthcoming transit of Saturn through its exaltation sign Libra will be an important event from the view point of Vedic Astrology because it will affect the entire world in a unique way for next two and half years. The transit of Saturn is very special because it is after 30 years that Saturn is transiting through its exaltation sign.

Most of the people, who are not even familiar with Vedic Astrology but have heard about it, are familiar with Saadhe-Saati and Dhaiyya of Saturn. Saadhe-Saati is Hindi for seven and a half and Dhaiyya is Hindi for two and a half. Saturn is considered to affect any sign by its transit for seven and half long years! Yes, it is considered in Vedic Astrology that Saturn starts affecting the natives of a particular Moon sign as soon as it starts transiting the Moon sign previous to it. For example, if Saturn starts transiting Scorpio on a given date, the natives of Sagittarius Moon sign also start getting effects of this transit. Similarly, Saturn’s transit keeps on affecting the natives of a particular Moon sign until Saturn has not left the Moon sign next to the native’s Moon sign. For example, if Saturn is about to exit from Virgo by transit, it can be deduced that it is about to stop affecting the natives of Leo Moon sign.

Saturn is a natural malefic planet and hence it gives positive results when it transits through the third, sixth or eleventh places from the natal Moon. The imminent transit of Saturn which is due on November 15, 2011, is likely to be positive for natives of Sagittarius, Leo and Taurus Moon signs.

A widespread superstition which has almost become phobia is about the adverse effects Saturn gives when transiting through the 12th, 1st and 2nd houses from natal Moon, i.e. fear of Saadhe-Saati of Saturn. It must be noted carefully that Saturn’s Saadhe-Saati has no adverse effect whatsoever on Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius Moon sign natives; since Libra is exaltation sign of Saturn, whereas Capricorn and Aquarius are owned by the Saturn.

Saturn is considered to be malefic planet and it is considered that it gives evil effects when it passes through the eighth house from natal Moon. What Saturn actually does is to balance karma because it’s karmic lord. This was an introductory note on Saturn’s transit which is about to happen in November. In other article(s), I will take up the effect of the transit on the world events and on individuals of specific Moon signs.