Sunday, 16 October 2011


JFK is really an excellent movie by all standards. It has substantial story based on a conspiracy theory. It’s a very audacious movie as well. In my opinion, this is, one of the most astounding historical movies I have ever seen! (Along with ‘Hotel Rwanda’ methinks!) This movie has so many twists and it is a real mystery movie based on a real event in the history. There is a great deal of drama and details but it never bores you. Somewhere in the beginning it is so fast paced that you have to coerce yourself to stay tuned.

JFK is overwhelmingly inspirational movie. It’s one of the best movies ever made in any genre, leave alone biographies. I think, it has elements of biography, thriller, courtroom drama along with the mystery! The term ‘the untouchables’ used for those who conspired to kill Kennedy( as per the film) insinuates towards the existence of secret groups as early as in 1991, which are now known as Illuminatis, Bilderbergers, Zions and reptilians etc. I got so mesmerized and moved by this movie, because, it’s about the truth and about the justice. It shows what a man like Jim Garrison can do with his integrity and persistence. This is not only one of the best American films ever made, but also, one of the most inspirational historical movies made anywhere on this planet.     

Kevin Kostner’s performance is perhaps his best ever. There are many good performances by other actors too. The movie runs for a great 3 hours and 25 minutes. Even if I would have watched just the first half of the movie, it would have been as good for me as ‘The Departed’ or ‘L. A. Confidential’. The verve and audacity of Jim Garrison, portrayed by the Kevin Kostner in the movie is, in fact a statement of courageousness of the director of the movie, Oliver Stone. Kudos to him!

The film had excellent cinematography and marvellous editing. It won the Oscar award for editing category in 1991. This is a real mystery in the sense that you never know who actually did it. I must go and check some other Oliver Stone movies!