Tuesday, 18 October 2011


No, I am not going to talk about ‘Mahavatar Babaji’, much famous in spiritual circles as the Guru of Gurus of Paramhansa Yogananda, a famous Indian yogi.

I am also not going to talk about any other spiritual figure or anyone’s grandpa for that matter.

I am talking about myself and the way I have been perceived by my colleagues and contemporaries. I am talking about this sobriquet I have gotten without any volition of mine!

Yes, call it a sobriquet or moniker or nickname or epithet (too far-fetched, I know) but this is what has been bestowed upon me by my much exalted colleagues in (m)any walk(s) of life!

I remember that most of them would call me ‘Babaji’ where ‘Ji’ is a suffix showing respect to already much respected ‘Baba’ for ‘father’. This Baba was not for father for sure, but rather for someone who talks spiritual non-sense.

I have labored and belabored much to acquire this much exalted 'noun' for my small 'self'. Years upon years of inculcation in vain and argument after argument devoid of discussions has earned me this sobriquet. Throwing heaps of verbal garbage with excess of mysterious hogwash and sesquipedalian  sophistry devoid of soul of meaningful discussions has done me this good!

My peculiar( for most of my colleagues) penchant for seemingly weird splitting-of-hair analysis of every-day objects of discussion in an abstruse manner has earned me this moniker. Do I enjoy being called so?

For spiritually endowed figures usually saffron clad bearded and weird-looking, ‘Baba’ is used with respect, which has been used as a sarcastic pejoratively-derogative sobriquet for me for many years.

It’s not the only nickname given to me, but indeed one of the most often used and the one which lasted against abrasions of time!

Some of my colleagues from my present team too call me Babaji, especially when I start blabbering poppycock which has philosophical elements in it.

At some level, I am responsible for having acquired this; therefore, hereby I declare for posterity that in no-way I detest being called so and in no-way I accuse my colleagues of mocking me incessantly.

May all rest in peace!