Saturday, 10 September 2011


‘Tesis’ is a Spanish word for Thesis. This is another Alezandro Amenabar masterpiece (Well, I had watched only ‘The Others’ and ‘Abre Los Ozos’ (Open your eyes) by this director until now). The movie has some familiar and attractive faces. This movie is about snuff movies but in itself it is not a gore movie, especially from present day standards (It was made in 1995, so, it might have been a bit gore by standards of that time).

Since director is an expert in music himself, it’s no wonder that all his movies I have watched so far have been accompanied by amazing sound tracks. Tesis has many layers of mystery and when you look through the eyes of Angela (the main character in the movie); you find mystery, distrust and fear everywhere around you.

The movie has a substantial story and an intriguing plot. It scares you at times. I felt that it was a bit disappointing towards the end because of too many twists and turns, still, it never loses its grasp on you. It’s a very good movie to watch, especially for those who like Mysteries and Thrillers.