Sunday, 4 September 2011

For A Few Dollars More!

"Where life had no value, death, sometimes, had its price."

‘For A Few Dollars More’ is a western classic by Sergio Leone who was a master of the genre. This movie has amazing sound track, great story and profound direction. The movie is a great treat to eyes, ears and senses. Clint Eastwood did an amazing job as he had done in all Leone movies, and, Lee Van Cleef is also amazing nonetheless; Lee has added another dimension to Eastwood in this trilogy of Leone.
Once Upon a Time in West, ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’, along with this movie rank as best westerns I have ever watched.  I highly recommend this movie. Sergio Leone and David Lynch are two greatest directors who have never won an academy award. It’s a great movie for anyone, especially for those who like action movies. There are amazing shots, great scenes and intriguing dialogues in the movie. I wonder at times that a few persons have been associated with so many great works in the history of cinema; for example Clint Eastwood, Orson Welles, Sergio Leone and Stanley Kubrick  and a few others.

There is a whistling tune which is played every time Manco (Clint Eastwood) comes on screen. I just loved this tune, which is composed by Italian composer Ennio Morricone. In a way, the protagonist Manco continues playing his role in all three movies with different names.