Monday, 12 September 2011


Buried is the most claustrophobic cinematic experience I have ever had. First few minutes, I felt much suffocated and then, this became an experience with ever increasing intensity of frustration and pessimistic haplessness for the rest of the movie. My two cents: This movie is absolutely brilliant. It’s one of the best horror movies you’ll ever watch and it’s very blunt. It starts with one place, one character and ends with the same place and same character.

The script is marvellous and it’s only because of great direction that such a low budget thriller was made possible. It’s a very engaging experience indeed. The 90 minutes are tense, gripping, annoying and frustrating and the movie never gets boring. It’s an amazing thriller and a mystery as well. To share with you, I had the premonition just before the scene with reptile that there might be a reptile in the coffin and whoa! It was there!

There are a few inconsistencies and you wonder why unlike the protagonist of Kill Bill , this man did not try to break the coffin apart with a knife! You also wonder about fuel coming out of the container which was being used to take medicines for anxiety. You wonder about many things, but, in spite of many mistakes you admire this movie. It leaves you emotionally exhausted!