Wednesday, 31 August 2011

On the terrace, in the twilight..

August,  2010


Here we have a good terrace at the second floor of our office, at Baghmane Tech Park, Bangalore. A short while ago I came here, at the second floor terrace, to have some ginger/cardamom tea. The panorama from the terrace is really too beautiful. Some dark clouds, some hazy clouds, some white ones and a few drops of water. Trees are fresh after the rain. Groves in the vicinity look like mysterious witnesses of this wonderful evening as gloaming is approaching. Road lights have already been lit, though it is not yet dark enough. Some lively lawns in the near-by government building are visible from here. Climate is good to be brief. People are returning (most of them) to their abodes. Some crows are flying very high in the sky and the cawing from some of their ‘not so high soaring’ friends is entering into my ears.

It is about twenty three degree centigrade. The wind is blowing at a speed of about eight kilometers per hour towards the South- West direction. The black clouds are floating slowly on the sky with this air, as if, just waiting for a proper location to donate their baggage charitably. It is raining lightly, still, it is not drizzling(Only you know the difference between a light rain and a drizzle. I do not.). Humidity is about ninety two percent, so it seems that it will rain heavily after some time, though it has already rained a lot in the noon today.

You may be wondering that whether I am describing the climate clumsily or being an absurd weather specialist. Do not strain your nerves too much. These details I got from iGoogle, which is my homepage now a days. So humidity in Chennai is about seventy percent, which is, lesser than that in Bangalore right now. This reversal of humidity is really a rare phenomenon. It is only because of the more humid climate of Chennai that you feel more hot over there, though, there is not much difference in the temperatures of the two cities, on an average these days.

As I am writing this to you, you are engaged in different activities. Some of you are watching the highlights of the football matches, some of you are playing table tennis in Golf View Course premises(Bangalore)(what a pleasure!), some of you are working in office(unlike me, I am not working, I am writing this to you), some of you are sleeping or taking a sound nap, some of you are visiting a beautiful beach near- by to your place and some of you are enjoying your usual weekend chattering or some soft  music with  your friends in a restaurant. It does not mean that none of you are enjoying a ride on your bike or none of you are watching a movie, it is just to tell you a bit about the world relative to me, of which you are, an unalienable part!

Hope you are feeling good. My mind is placid and I hope that you are also calm. Do write to me about your disposition; physical, social and psychological.

Yours as ever,

A lexiphane.