Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Lunatic Strollers and Companions after Midnight!

May 26, 2010

Hello friends,

It was already half past one o’ clock in the night when I left the office to enjoy this pleasing walk back to my home. If it is a regular business, then why am I telling this to you? It is so because, this routine was a bit different last night. How? Companions of my solitary, brisk paced walks, were no more silent witnesses, but rather barking in peremptory tones, in groups of four-five or more as per the occasion and venue. When I start my stroll , I plug headphones in, to enjoy some songs. It is a rare pleasure to walk briskly at those hours of night on lonely roads and streets. The cool breeze touches your body and sweat thus evaporated gives you solace, if not ecstasy.  To see the distant horizon, the end where sky seems to meet the road and nothing else, with some sweet melodious chirping sounds from birds pouring into ears, getting mingled with the music, is a joy beyond my powers of description.

One more observable fact is sound sleeping security guards. They are not supposed to enjoy such sound sleeps. To observe the same streets, trees, houses, electricity poles, shopping malls, restaurants, tea-stalls, garbage-heaps stinking badly, dogs sleeping inside dustbins, which you see in the day time, after midnight, makes you wonder whether you are looking at the same objects of perception or you are in an entirely different world. It seems that cacophonies adulterate your perception during the day but in night, in the absence of the teasing horns and in the absence of ever threatening mob, you come to see more of the objective world. Silence induces spontaneous observation. To observe inner or outer universes, you need silence. For sake of understanding you label them as the inner or outer, but the fact is, there are, no such divisions in reality.

It takes me less than forty minutes, on an average, to walk back to my home. The Byappanna police station is sleeping if you go through that street after two o’ clock, but if you go before midnight, you notice some policemen busy in this or that. They have never questioned my stroll till now. May be they will, some day. It will not be a big issue methinks.

One of our friends wondered at once “ How come security personnel in office allow you to walk back  after mid night?”. “ The fact is, they are least interested in your security outside the office”; I replied. He was about to bet me on this. To just mock them for amusement, every night, before leaving the security gate, I go to them, enquire about any cabs available. They get up from their sleep, go inside a room, disturb a person, who is sleeping soundly before a desktop and ask about the cab. This person asks my name, but before I could come up with a reply, perhaps because of the sheer irritation borne out of getting up from his sleep, observes my identity card and reads my name and starts looking into this desktop screen.

” Which travel desk?     SRS or SJB?” he enquires.

First I pretend to have not heard and then I answer: “ None of these”.

“I have not sent any mails, because, I was not sure of the time I will be leaving the office”, I answer to him.

He says: “ No cabs available then”. “Thank you very much”; I answer to him and start walking back to my home. There is a beautiful, milky white moon in the sky, some twinkling stars talking to me, some trees dancing in the drizzle and some crickets singing in the chorus.

“You man are…in this beautiful world…la la la..lalala…”

(It is not a news that we all have cleared the assessments. It means we are not likely to take any other mandatory assessments for next four months.)

Yours as ever,