Saturday, 13 August 2011

David Lynch: An underrated genius!

It's better not to know so much about what things mean or how they might be interpreted or you'll be too afraid to let things keep happening. Psychology destroys the mystery, this kind of magic quality. It can be reduced to certain neuroses or certain things, and since it is now named and defined, it's lost its mystery and the potential for a vast, infinite experience.
---David Lynch

David Lynch movies have blown my mind away and I really wonder why he never won any academy award, perhaps, unique genius needs no rewards for its exaltation. It often seems that he has directed very few movies because I want to watch many more movies by him! In any case, I never had an experience of watching such vivid dream-like imagery in a program or movie, except in one of the stories of TV serial ‘Ek Kahani' on DD national( The episode in which a young girl dreams about her journey to meet her mom). I never imagined that anything better than Inception was there in the store for me but here I am with Mulholland drive and Lost Highway and I really wonder why these movies have been so underrated. Almost all great movies originate from a sound-original story. Lynch has written some of the most dazzling, mind-blowing non-linear scripts. Two of my all-time favourite directors are Nolan and Lynch because of the very reason that they have created Neptunian, foggy and dream like tales on cine screens which are often very mysterious. I am really in awe of Lynch and his film making methods. This man had great creativity in him and he had learned TM from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Lynch movies never give you a clear cut boundary defined between reality and dreams. You never know whether a scene belongs to a dream or to a day dream or to a dream inside dream layer (which is again a dream!).I love mystery because it is very near to truth. To say that 'mystery' is 'truth' or truth is mystery is never good but mystery is something I really love. 

My first ever experience with non-linear narrative was Memento. There never was anything like Memento and this mystery movie became my all-time favourite movie and I had to watch it whopping 8-10 times before coming to terms with what was actually happening in the movie. Thereafter I have watched many non-linear movies but they still hold my attention and delight me instead of making me feel bored like most conventional movies do. Lynch movies are almost always non-linear and to add more taste: they’re so dream like. You feel as if you’re dreaming and your subconscious comes to the fore. You feel that logic and interpretation subside for a while and they create a unique experience. Lynch movies have surrealistic dream like imagery, along with suspense thriller patterns. Since this particular piece intends to give a general outline on Lynch and his work, I am not giving details about movies which might act like spoilers. There is nothing comparable to ‘Inland Empire’ and 'Lost Highway'. They stand as 'the best movies I have ever watched' till date. I am dumbfounded by his movies. The best narration style is 'dream like' and David Lynch stands as the most brilliant film maker ever born. Nothing can replace 'Lost Highway' and 'Mulholland Drive' and ‘Inland Empire’. I enjoyed every scene of his movies. There is no need to mention that no interpretation is possible for these films especially for Inland Empire. Never ever completely trust reviews; they are biased almost always. So is mine and hence have your own views after watching them.  ‘Inland Empire’ has been called ‘weirdest ever movie' and I think it's best ever because nothing makes sense until it's weird! I have watched almost all David Lynch movies; for he is such a great genius that there would never be another of his type and his movies are so intelligent that they defy conventional notions of ‘intelligent’ movies! His thought process is very subtle and narrations are very visual relying very little on dialogues. Like Stephen King scripts (well some of them seem too fragile at times!)  Lynch scripts are too profound and subtle. Lynch is more subtle than most and his movies help bring your subconscious online and act as cathartic agents. How come, all my favourite movies have something to do with memories and dreams? I like to see imitation of human psyche and dreams and mystery is often nothing but uncertainty and limitation of memory and observation. Lynch movies are essentially crafted to take you on a trip to another world!
Dreams do not make much sense and 'nonsense' is most sensible thing; chaos is reality. David Lynch is a director who has been fascinated by dreams and has told stories in his movies through dreams. It is as difficult to interpret these stories, as it is to get bored by these. I can never get bored by watching these movies, because, they are in the languages of right brain, which is: Imagery and rely very little on words; therefore they reinforce dreaming. For me the idea of best movies would be all my dreams being played on a screen sequentially or otherwise; all of them, which I had since my childhood (day dreams as well as dreams seen during night’s sleep!) When you watch David Lynch movies, you realize that they are so akin to your dreams. Things are often slow, aimless and random. Faces change without a reason. Locations change randomly. Characters lead you nowhere and nobody really ever questions anything or cares much about reasoning. The scenes have so much to do with the darkness. People talk in a strange way and they talk senseless things. The reason cannot be applied anywhere. You do not remember where you are and how you reached there. In my personal opinion, there cannot be a better way of telling a story than telling it in the language of dream. This world is nothing more than your dream. I love to watch David Lynch movies. Non-linear movies are best because that is how things really unfold. The profound reality which is revealed by the subtle, dream imagery cannot be ever revealed by the logic because logic is too away from mystery and reality. The three persons with rabbit heads are too peculiar and lead you nowhere (in Inland Empire). There are many such scenes and characters in David Lynch movies which lead you nowhere. I can never appreciate these movies enough no matter how much I try to describe them because they are full of riddles and they are such great dreams that you can never interpret them well enough!