Tuesday, 30 August 2011

5 Easy Techniques to Expand Your Vocabulary!

Much has been written about the importance of a sound vocabulary. There is nothing which helps you rise up the ladder of success in your life, more than a healthy vocabulary does. Below given are 5 most important techniques to help you kick-start increasing your vocabulary and maintaining it!
1. Vocabularian:
A vocabularian is a person who pays excessive attention to the words. I do not want to convert you into a vocabularian at the cost of losing 'holistic thinking'; still, it helps to pay attention to words, specially, if they are new words.
Researchers have found that plain reading will not be enough to expand your vocabulary. It's necessary to be attentive to the new words and phrases you read (or listen), on a daily basis, in order to augment your vocabulary at a good rate.
Some words which are really rare, like 'metempsychosis' for example, come across very rarely. Even if you read millions of words there remains a likelihood of never meeting such words, therefore, the key is to 'choose' carefully what you read.
2. Scribbler:
Jotting down your random thoughts every now and then, is, not only a great way to improve quality and clarity of your thought process, but also a sure shot way of retaining the words you learn in an easy way.
Scribbling allows you to use the new words you have learned in an active manner and hence it assists you in balancing your vocabulary. Generally, our passive vocabulary is more than our active vocabulary in size as well as in quality. If you start using words you learn on a regular basis; your active vocabulary becomes stronger than your passive vocabulary.
3. Gamer:
Some of the synonyms and antonyms which I added into my repertoire of words come from quizzes I played very long ago and they are still with me, despite almost no revision at all, which is not surprising at all. No matter how many drills you do every day, for improving your vocabulary; it's a fact that nothing can match word games. Anagrams, synonyms, antonyms etc. are easiest ways to improve your word power and they engage you in a most creative manner.
4. Detective:
The more you learn 'about' the word, greater the chances of retaining it. Befriend a word by knowing about its root. Showing interest in knowing about the etymologies and trying to learn word families as chunks pays off instantly.
5. Inhaler:
Inhale a lot of oxygen to give your brain the most vital nutrition possible. Breathing deeply will improve your memory and hence your vocabulary.