Friday, 8 July 2011

Atmakarka and Karkamsha


The planet with the highest degree in any sign in a horoscope is called 'Atmakarka'. The stationary Atmakarka is always Sun, but the movable 'Atmakarka' varies from person to person. What is the significance of such a planet in a horoscope?
Atmakarka is the most important planet in a chart, because, it tells about the spiritual state of a person. Atmakarka disposed well in radix and Navmasa chart indicates a spiritual person whereas an ill placed Atmakarka suggests that the person has much karmic collection.
As nothing can materialize on the physical plane if it is not allowed by the subtler psychic planes, no good combinations in chart can fructify well, unless Atmakarka supports them.
Karkamsha Lagna: It is the lagna which is prepared as per navmasa chart with highest importance to the Atmakarka. 'Navmasa' is the ninth division of radix and generally it's considered subtler (truer/ more real compared to the radix chart) chart of a native. Navmasa is given highest importance for assessing power of planets and in assessment of Yogas in radix lagna chart; therefore Atmakarka's position in Navmasa chart is a very vital point to assess a native's horoscope. The method to assess any area of life is to make it lagna and then closely observe other areas with respect to it; for example, if you want to find out about the courage/writing/communication in a person's horoscope-observe third house as lagna and all other houses with respect to it. The house in which Atmakarka is situated in navmasa is considered as the first house in the Karkamsha lagna and then various houses are analysed.
For example: If a person has his Atmakarka Sun, situated in the Pisces navmasa, his Karkamsha lagna will be Pisces with Sun in Lagna. Pisces as Karkamsha lagna signifies final liberation, provided there are no malefic aspects to the Atmakarka. Pisces being the final sign in the cycle of signs signifies that the soul of the native is ripened enough for final liberation. Similarly other Karkamsha lagnas are analysed. There are other combinations which can be found for various purposes in Karkamsha lagna for various matters. For example: Jupiter and Moon in fifth house from Karkamsha lagna signifies a 'know-all' writer; whereas Jupiter in Karkamsha lagna signifies a scholar learned in various branches of learning. Similarly, Atmakarka situated in Navmasa lagna suggests a great birth, because, karkamsa lagna becomes Navmasa lagna in such cases.