Thursday, 12 May 2011

One Fine Sunny Day!

I do not recall the exact age but I must have been less than five years old then. I used to live in this small village, with my parents. The village was full of cattle and greenery. One fine sunny day, as I was standing near a street, which was just hundred yards away from our apartment, a young man (or a boy, I am not sure, because, it’s too hazy now!) was passing by. I do not know whether I was acquainted with him, but, it seems that he was aware of my apartment and my whereabouts, which seems to be obvious as the village was a small one and almost everyone knew each other. He saw me and stopped and started talking to me:
He asked me (In Hindi): Do you know English?
I answered: a little bit!
He asked: What do you know, tell me!
I told him a few things I knew. I might have drawn out some simple words like ‘Rat’, ‘Cat’, ‘Go’, ‘Come’; from my small repertoire and presented them before that boy ( or gentleman, as might have been the case! As said earlier, it’s too hazy now! ).
He said to me: Your English is no good man!
Pay attention: I go; He goes; I am going.
He does not go. She goes.

[Then the man (or the boy!) went away!]
I certainly think that the man (or the boy!) was feeding me too much. He might have read ‘rules of grammar’ from a grammar book of standard 6th [Conventionally, in Indian schools, Grammar was taught only after sixth grade!]

The man (or the boy, and the chances are that he was just a boy!) is still a mystery to me!
He remained mystery to me ever after. As I was introduced to grammar, after 6-7 years, I recalled that mysterious man. I always remember him, but never met him after that. May be he is alive, maybe he is not; but he is very likely to remain a mystery to me! A mystery forever!