Saturday, 14 May 2011


God is an invention. It is an invention of a creative mind. I often felt that God (as described in the most of the traditions) is not enough wise, even when compared to some of the wisest human beings. You might really get astonished if you reflect on the wisdom of some of the human beings who have walked on this planet compared to that of God's. Even a common person like my father, your uncle or Joe’s neighbor is, at times, wiser than so called Gods. God has consistently been engaged in ‘divide and rule’, trickery and deceit, deluding naive people and in similar other acts, which are not held into the high esteem even by a common man.

The reason because of which God has been so mediocre and so extremely susceptible to temptations is: It is an invention of a mind which is vulnerable to these. God has been created in the image of man by the man and hence all this drama, melodrama and cameos by the God.
God of Leibniz is smarter than that of Spinoza’s (because Leibniz is smarter than Spinoza). God of Spinoza is smarter and more level headed than that of Moses’. God of Moses is too angry a God and he is like a raging bull intent on burning everything which catches his attention, because, Moses himself is full of hatred and anger for humans whom he considers minions.

God has been used as a clutch; often and again, especially by those who are sleepwalkers and merely have a level of awareness which can be called humane. They are too scared to take burden themselves, too scared of the silence and sense of wonder.

If you really need a God, who would give you a shoulder, so that you may put your head on it; or who would give you a handkerchief when you are bursting with tears; better, you create one yourself. Use your potential to the full and create one. Why take a second hand God, full of weaknesses created and twisted by the morons to beguile you. Create one for yourself and use all the powers of your inventiveness. The size, shape and subtlety of your God will be directly proportional to that of yours. Go ahead and create one for yourself.