Monday, 9 May 2011

2001: A Space Odyssey

I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey yesterday. I am dumbfounded. It is absolutely brilliant, almost insuperable and profoundly original movie. I never thought that I would witness anything more intelligent than what had been offered by Nolan, in Memento and Inception. Kubrick is superb. I do not have enough words to appreciate this perfectionist artist. As soon I started watching the movie, the sound track had me speechless and it never made me feel in course of the rest of the movie that it was even slightly below par. The first few scenes are so dramatically hypnotizing that you are taken in for better. These scenes have perfect stillness in them. They are the work of a genius; a great genius. Even when the movie is slightly slow, it maintains elements of mystery throughout. The attention to the details of Kubrick is marvelous! A great portion of movie is non verbal but has incessant sounds of satellites and spaceships. There is very little human dialogue and it is a visual classic with great mystery portrayed very beautifully. It is a memorable movie which leaves its traces in your subconscious. Much to my astonishment the movie was made in 1968! There has not been a better Science fiction movie since then! The Stargate sequence is so mesmerizing that you are filled with wonder and you feel as if you are sailing through space with Bowman.