Friday, 15 April 2011

Listening: The soul of communication!

There are very few skills, which are even comparable to the ‘attentive listening’, when it comes to the proper communication. Most of us take ‘listening’, very lightly and that is the only reason why we’re not able to convert it into a knack of genius! Dale Carnegie, the great American author and motivator; wrote in his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”: “The art of being a good conversationalist is nothing but art of being a very good listener”. In that very book he narrates about the unique listening skills possessed by father of modern Psychology, Sigmund Freud. Had it not been to his powers of profound listening, psychoanalysis would not have been as popular and powerful as it is.

We all are suffering from malnutrition, when it comes to the ‘feedback’. One of the easiest ways to improve health, happiness and well being of those with in our family and around us, is to listen as attentively as possible. You will never regret this exercise. Listen attentively and this will boost the spirits of speaker and in turn he will become a better human being. Almost all of us are looking for a good listener and best of our friends are those who listen to us. Listening improves clarity of thought process of those involved in the conversation, whereas, lack of it muddles everything and aggravates the miscommunication.

You will glean so much information by this simple act of attentive listening, that you will be a polymath very soon and you will be amazed at your progress! Be it your team mate, your boss, your wife, your son or your parents; they all need a good listener. Have faith for a few first days and keep on recording your experiences; sooner than expected you will find your relationships improving more than you ever expected. You need not spend extra time on practicing it; just be more alert and present when you’re in a conversation and instead of thinking what you are going to say next, try to understand what your interlocutor is giving you as a message through words. Patience in listening and reading pays without doubt. Besides being a skill, it is, a spiritual practices and it expands your awareness!