Friday, 1 April 2011

Geniuses : An Open Question...

I am not aware of actual statistics but I feel that population of world is many times than what it used to be in the days of European renaissance.

1. Are there geniuses/polymaths/thinkers of rank of Sir Issac Newton, Albert Einstein or Leonardo Da Vinci?

2. If yes, why are they not recognized so?

3. If no, what is the cause of 'scarcity of geniuses'?

Even in Philosophy, you do not find many Wittengensteins, Nietzsches or Kants...which should have been the case...

4. Why I am not blessed enough to find a Lao-tse or a Jesus or a Buddha, to walk side by side to him? [ Now please do not refer to Dalai Lama or Adi Da or Ken Wilber or David Icke]


Is it that geniuses of today, will be given full credit after three for of geniuses takes a lot of time?
[ Seems not to be true, in case of Einstein, Da Vinci or Newton...they were recognized during their life times...but yes, they got more credit later on...]

Some of you might suggest that Mark Zuckerberg or Yoshiro Nakamats or Stephen Hawking are indeed geniuses but then, they are too few.

Statistically, China and India should produce 10 Einsteins, 10 Buddhas and 10 Shakespeares; where are they?