Thursday, 14 April 2011

Christopher Nolan and some of my favorite movies!

I feel that, my propensity for ‘mystery’ has something to do with my taste for movies; it’s not a wonder that I have been fond of suspense thrillers since my childhood. I like all Nolan ( Christopher Nolan ) movies, without a single exception and I used to like all of them earlier too (when it had not occurred to me that they were all directed by Nolan!). I watched ‘Prestige’, ‘Memento’, ‘The Dark Knight’ (Batman Begins as well); without being aware of the fact at first, that they have all been directed by Nolan. It will be safe to suggest that my frequency matches with that of Nolan’s, when it comes to movies. It used to be the case, earlier, with Hitchcock and with only one Indian director .

 Lately, as my reflection on movies and about their impact on the psyche of masses improved, I realized that what exactly a director (script writer) portrays, is, his own world view. Nolan has created Neptunian, mysterious, foggy and dream like movies ( He has written all the movies he has directed with the only exception of ‘Insomnia’, which was the remake of another movie . In a way, he has explored psyche of man, especially the psyche of very ‘mysterious’ man. Do you recall that chase in the tunnel by the detective (enacted by Al Pacino) in Insomnia? The tunnel has too much fog; everything is dreamlike, foggy, mysterious and Neptunian. This is also a portrayal of the Astrological 12th house of horoscope, where, everything is foggy; nothing is clear; clarity eludes you. In Memento too, nothing has been made clear and everything is too unclear (believe me; Nolan maintains mystery even after you watch Memento 10 times!). I went to theater twice to watch Inception, and enjoyed watching it both the times without slightest of boredom. Even ‘Prestige’ has this element of mystery and freshness in it that is why I like it as well.  We all are in awe of the Joker (played by charismatic ‘Heath Ledger‘) in ‘The Dark Knight’.  Almost all of the Nolan presentations are dreamlike and I love watching dream like movies. It should not be a fairy tale dream though, rather, something which echoes well with the dreams of an average man, seen with closed eyes, mostly in sleep.

 I also like ‘No Country for Old Man’ and I do not know why do I do so. Lately I have watched some DIE-HARD movies and liked them as well. I can barely manage to watch a romantic movie. Some comedy movies I enjoyed watching recently include “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”; “Death at a Funeral” (British version!). Taste for movies, like taste for anything else in life, can tell a lot about your own personality, about your psyche and could reveal your subconscious quite easily. A movie tells a lot about the story writer and the director and the audience which appreciates it most, is the one whose frequency of vibration, at least when it comes to the art, is similar to that of the writer/director of the movie. I do believe that apart from entertaining, Nolan creates for the joy of creating (every great artist does so!). 

Another idea: For me, a really great movie series might be the incessant play of all my dreams I have seen, since my childhood! So it is all about dreams and mystery!