Sunday, 27 March 2011

Some Quotes From Everyday Life!

Below given are my own ‘nonsense blabberwockying’ borne out of the observations from my daily routine.

1.       More often than not the dogs in the vicinity of the chicken shops are with the fleshier built .

2.       Everything written in the Sanskrit is not ‘sacred and holy’.

3.       It is really a wonder, if you find, in any town, city or village of India, a bunch of ladies, with their pots, mugs and tubs, queued up to fill water from a hand-pump or tube-well, standing silent, chattering in a friendly manner or not quarreling with each other in a grueling manner.

4.       There is a saying in Hindi that ‘The rising Sun is given salutation’—the setting Sun, though not as glaring and bright as the rising one—is still a Sun—is given homage galore—therefore ‘Sun is Sun’ no matter rising or setting .