Sunday, 27 March 2011


On Saturday, I went to watch ‘INCEPTION’ . It seems to be the best movie I have ever watched and  am compelled to write about the same. Hope you would enjoy(and may get related to) some of the ideas presented before you!


Dreams have fascinated humans since eons. They have also been used in divination. Dream interpretation as used by Freud and others, was considered a tool of the psychoanalysis. I have also been fond of discussions involving dreams, especially, the ones which were somehow related to the ultimate reality. I also had a dream journal for a while. The first law of behavioral Psychology suggests that you get more of what you reinforce; therefore, if you reinforce the behavior of recalling your dreams, interpreting them, describing them; you are, reinforcing the behavior of becoming more perceptive of your dreams and vice versa.

There is a boundary between the conscious and subconscious of your mind. The more sensitive and artistic a mind becomes, thinner the boundaries are. For me, the behavior of compulsive scribbling has been associated very highly with the thinning of the boundary. One of the very direct corroboration for the same had been the amount of the details related to dreams recalled, vividness of the same(they both are related you know!) and richness of the details. As I used to scribble of longer hours, there was a perspicuous thinning of the boundary between conscious and subconscious.

A few years ago, a nice noon, I scribbled a lot and then went to sleep for some time. I had a very strange dream then: I was watching a dream and then I woke up and felt great but then after sometime I again woke up(to my present reality)—gotcha! It was a strange perception, a very novel one, really dramatic and eerie and the ground for propounding a new theory. It was the first instance of my recognizing a ‘Dream inside dream’. Not that I would never have had such dreams earlier; not that none of us have such dreams; not that I never had such dreams again;- but that first recognition of the phenomenon was a perception, very original to me, in the sense that I had never read about the same, never read about the same earlier.

So the idea is: we all watch ‘Dreams inside Dreams’ but very few of us recognize them to be so. There are many reasons for the same. Forgetting your dreams being one of them.


[ Written on July, 26, 2010]