Friday, 25 March 2011

CRAMMING: A Technique To Improve Powers of Concentration!

Do you know a fact in Graphology? Most of the geniuses in the history of the mankind, including Einstein, Newton and Descartes, have been CRAMMERS. Who are crammers?

CRAMMERS are those individuals who write extremely short letters, in other words, the size of the letters in the handwriting of CRAMMERS is very small. How does it relate to genius and how can you take advantage of the fact?

Crammers have peculiar powers of concentration. It is the trait of a very focused mind to write very small letters.

Is it a fact?

Yes, it is. If you do not believe me, just browse and try to get the handwriting samples of some of the greatest geniuses like-Newton, Einstein, Goethe, Dostoevsky etc. You will find that what I am propounding here is true with very few exceptions. Though most of them did so, to save paper; you can do so, to improve your brain functioning!

Ok. You agree. Now how to use this fact to your advantage?

You can use this fact for your advantage by writing down your ideas in a very tiny handwriting. This will not only improve your concentration dramatically but will also help you improve your intellect and profundity.

OK. You do not write using pen and paper or you rarely do so.

No problem. The advanced solution is to type with very small font size---like this one.
How does it work?

It works because you get more data in a small visual field and hence your mind can process faster. In case of writing, you could really write very fast only if you write very small.