Friday, 25 March 2011

Breathe Deeply: Learn Easily, Win Debates and Improve Reading Comprehension!

Have you ever tried to breathe deeply, inhaling fully using your lungs and exhaling similarly? You have done this, many times; if not consciously, as an exercise, then, unknowingly, to get rid of stress or to lift heavy weights or for some other, similar purpose. Here, I am going to remind you, that this age old, simple practice, has, more advantages than you have ever observed or imagined; for free! Do you know that your reading comprehension, your attention span, your physical appearance and your charm is very much associated to your breathing habits? Are you aware of the fact that your feelings, your long term goals, the way you live, is very much determined by your breathing patterns? Do you know that by being a bit conscious of your breathing, you can very easily control your mood swings?

If answer to any of these questions is a 'No', then, you must read on this article. Even if you answer these questions as 'YES', you may go through the article to get entertained.
Just observe your breathing, when, you are reading something, or, when you are paying attention to something, such as, watching an interesting movie; you will find that without a single exception, you hold your breathe to pay attention; even now, as you are reading this article, you have to hold your breathe for a while, in order to fully comprehend the meaning of sentences you are reading! Without having a calm breathing pattern, you cannot pay attention to anything! Just try to read something, which requires sustained attention, after jogging hard. You will find it difficult. So, in order to pay attention, you have to hold your breathe. Similarly, if your breathing is not deep, is very shallow, you cannot pay enough attention to the sentences you read; more so, if they tend to be lengthy sentences required for analysis of scientific or philosophical subjects!

So if you pant mostly, instead of breathing deeply; you will not be able to learn things easily. If you have the habit of taking deep, full breathes, you will not only comprehend big sentences easily, but will also be able to speak big sentences without pausing and forgetting your address in between! You will find it very easy to convince your opponents in debates. It is not very difficult to cultivate the habit of breathing deeply. With the practice of breathing fully and deeply, for a few days, you will make it a habit. Just check yourself often in course of the day. See if you are not breathing deeply, correct yourself. Going for a walk is also very good opportunity to drink deep the fresh air. It will not be very long to observe that powers of sustained attention will get revived with the practice of deep breathing. More than just that, your lungs will become stronger, hence, you will get rid of many diseases. Your blood will get more oxygenated. You will get a younger appearance as your cells will get rejuvenated.

I thank Win Wenger for inspiration.